Do You Have Sleep Apnea?
Just CPAP/BIPAP may not be enough Conquer Sleep Apnea At Its Core

CPAP therapy for apnea, though beneficial, must include regular
analysis of pressure data and independent monitoring with lifestyle
modification to ensure optimal management of sleep apnea.

Severe sleep apnea increases
risk of dying by upto three* times.

Treating sleep apnea early and accurately is important. 

Untreated or poorly treated sleep apnea can lead to.

Cardiac Arrests

High Blood Pressure

Type 2 Diabetes

Mental Health Issues

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Join 100s who have benefited
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How it works

sleep care
that works,
for you

A comprehensive sleep apnea test
and program based on your
sleep pattern assessment.

Step 1: Sleep Study At Home

Establish a precise baseline of your sleep pattern
& incidence of apneas [stoppage of breathing]
at night to screen for your sleep disorder

Step 3: Our Sleep Apnea Program

Follow-up sessions with sleep therapists
to address contributing factors like
weight, diet, & lifestyle management

Step 2: Personalised Plan

Receive tailored insights to manage your
sleep disorder along with a personalised
lifestyle plan by an experienced sleep physician

Step 4: Monitoring with Sleep Coach

AContinued Monitoring with monthly check-ins
and regular tests to track progress and
effectiveness of the sleep apnea solutions

Remesleep - India’s first at-home,
expert-guided sleep care


Sleep Apnea test at home with
India’s first & only contactless device

Personal Coach

Personalised, guided programs
with a dedicated sleep coach

Industry Experts

Skilled team of somnologists &
amp;therapists with 40+ years of experience

Advanced Solutions

Multidimensional approach including CPAP therapy, sleep apnea solutions, lifestyle changes, and sleep therapy.


Regular monitoring to ensure
therapy effectiveness