Conquer Insomnia
without pills

Address the root cause of your insomnia with
proven scientific treatment & monitoring to
ensure long-term benefits

Insomnia can increase the risk of
heart attacks and Type 2 diabetes.

Treating insomnia early and accurately is important.
Untreated or poorly treated insomnia can lead to



Type 2 Diabetes

Mental Health Issues

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Join 100s who have benefited
from Remesleep programs.

How it works

Tailored sleep care that works, for you

A comprehensive insomnia test and program based on your sleep pattern assessment.

Step 1: Sleep Study At Home

Establish a precise baseline of your
sleep pattern & incidence of sleeplessness
at night to screen for insomnia

Step 3: Our Sleep Apnea Program

One-on-one sessions with sleep therapists
focused on developing the right behaviour &
techniques through CBT-I , a proven first line therapy
for insomnia , suited to your profile

Step 2: Personalised Plan

Receive tailored insights to manage your
sleep disorder along with a personalised
lifestyle plan by an experienced sleep physician

Step 4: Monitoring with Sleep Coach

Regular Check-ins with a dedicated
sleep coach to objectively assess improvement
and the effectiveness of the treatment

Remesleep - India’s first at-home,
expert-guided sleep care

At-home Sleep Test

Insomnia test at home with India’s
first & only contactless device

Personal Coach

Personalised, guided programs
with a dedicated sleep coach

40+ years of experience

Skilled team of somnologists &
therapists with 40+ years of experience

Multidimensional Approach

Pill-free approach through cognitive
behaviour therapy for insomnia (CBT-I),
lifestyle changes for sustainable solutions

Regular Monitoring

Regular monitoring to ensure
therapy effectiveness